3 October 2017

Winter is coming ...are you ready?


How domestic biomass customers can maximise energy performance this winter and still cut costs.

As a national supplier of premium biomass wood pellets, Y Pellets is preparing to deliver thousands of tonnes of pellets to rural residences and domestic homeowners throughout the UK over the autumn and winter months.  

Here, Alistair Wright, Business Development Manager of Y Pellets offers advice to domestic customers on why they should prepare now for the colder weather in order to get the most out of their energy supplies and ultimately, save on costs:  

“Specifying superior quality wood pellets is essential however of equal importance is ensuring that the fuel store, regardless of where it is located on your property or how large or small it is, is emptied and thoroughly cleaned for the winter season. Allowing dust and the fines from wood pellets to build up over time can significantly reduce how effectively the pellets burn which in turn reduces overall efficiency and as a result, increases total energy costs.

“Dust and particles can easily block the feed system when the pellets are fed through from the store into the boiler and the cost of repairing damaged boilers and feed systems can be substantial. 

“In terms of boiler maintenance, we often hear comments such as “its working fine” and whilst that certainly may be the case now, over time its efficiency may have been gradually reduced. A 10% loss in efficiency could add 10p in the £1 spent on fuel which realistically could run into thousands spent (and wasted) over the lifespan of a boiler. So, think of your boiler as a car. It requires regular servicing and the better the fuel put into the engine, the better its performance. To provide energy cost savings in the long run, biomass boilers should always run at optimum level.

 “Finally, pre-plan and don’t be caught short. Whilst it may seem obvious, many customers can often leave it late or simply don’t pre-plan at all. Y Pellets provides daily wood pellet deliveries throughout the UK, many of these going to residences in remote or rural areas however as the weather can be very unpredictable, it is always advisable to stock up on a full season’s supply if possible. Reducing the risk, especially from a health and well-being point of view, is vital.

Y Pellets is a supplier of premium quality, sustainable wood pellets to SMEs and private companies to large public sector organisations throughout the UK. To discuss requirements, call 01405 840095 or go to

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