3 November 2017

Free Customer Advice To Ensure Best Wood Pellet Storage

National, premium wood pellets supplier, Y Pellets, is strengthening its services to new and existing biomass fuel clients by offering expert, advisory installation and maintenance guidance for those looking to purchase new or service existing biomass heating systems.

Having forged close working partnerships with a number of reputable installers, the company can, in addition to supplying tonnes of premium quality EN Plus wood pellets, now provide home and business clients with independent guidance on the most suitable pellet storage solutions for their biomass requirements .

For many customers, the majority of information available when researching biomass heating focuses on the actual boiler rather than the end-to-end system solution as Y Pellets managing director, Neil Holland, explains, "Through our experience of the market, we can advise customers as to the best pellet storage solutions for their home or commercial needs as storage facilities which are inadequate or constructed badly will have significant impact on the quality and consistency of the pellets following delivery.

"Furthermore, incorrect storage facilities will have a knock-on effect in terms of the overall system's performance and ultimately encourage lower energy efficiency. We can advise clients on an individual basis in relation to best on-site location, required access for delivery vehicles and size and specification of store prior to construction as well as how to minimise pellet damage following receipt of high quality, biomass fuel.

"It's an added benefit to the high level of customer service which Y Pellets currently provides and new and existing customers can contact us any time to get the best out of their fuel consumption. Where homes and businesses have experienced difficulties with their current storage facilities, we can offer free advice on how to minimise issues in the future."

The company is currently urging customers to pre-plan and not be caught short on fuel stocks over the autumn and winter months. Neil added, "It is surprising just how many customers can often leave it late as the weather can be so unpredictable. We are preparing to deliver thousands of tonnes of wood pellets throughout the UK over the forthcoming months, many to domestic and commercial properties in remote and rural areas however it is always advisable to stock up on a full season's supply if possible. Reducing the risk, especially from a health and well-being point of view, is vital."

Y Pellets delivers premium quality, EN Plus, biomass wood pellets to homes and businesses including SME's, B2B/B2C companies and public sector organisations throughout the UK. To discuss your biomass fuel storage requirements or to order wood pellets, please call 01405 840095 or email:


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