30 October 2017

Good Customer Service Does Go A Long Way...

 A kind and much appreciated gesture of afternoon tea left by a Y Pellets customer for one of our wood pellet delivery drivers recently demonstrated that good customer service does go a long way. It’s a two-way relationship that companies simply can’t afford to ignore. Neil Holland, Managing Director of Y Pellets explains why companies need to get it right… 

Good customer service is essential in all businesses regardless of size, industry or products delivered. In fact, it goes to the core of any organisation as people will remember how they have been treated which inevitably results in whether they become loyal customers and value the products or alternatively, go elsewhere. 

Customers do remember. People have a habit of remembering if a company’s level of customer service was good or bad and it is widely accepted that people are more likely to tell others about a bad experience than a good experience. They aren’t just looking at products, they are also looking at staff to provide a good level of customer service and if personnel represent a company in a good way, customers will remember. Equally, if staff represent a company in a negative way, the business will probably lose the customer and gain a less than favourable reputation. At Y Pellets, as well as our support team, our delivery drivers are our front-line customer service and they regularly meet clients face-to-face and go the extra mile to assist. Therefore, providing an efficient, personable and friendly service to each individual customer is paramount. 

It also reflects on the business. If organisations deliver great customer service, people naturally assume the standard and quality of the products is great (and vice versa). However, this goes further and includes all areas of the business from shipment, queries, order processes, delivery times and more. It’s how customers think therefore organisations must consider the whole buying experience and deliver high standards from start to finish. This is one of the areas that Y Pellets has deliberately invested a significant amount of time, money and effort into so to achieve consistently high levels of customer service. By employing our very own delivery drivers, providing the correct training as to how different onsite pellet stores must be treated when making deliveries and investing in properly equipped vehicles specially designed to deliver biomass wood pellets, we can ensure that we’re in the best position to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.   

“Finally, it demonstrates care to the customer. Dealing with customer queries in a respectful and courteous manner demonstrates how much an organisation values its customers. Businesses regardless of their size should genuinely care about their customers as without them, no sales would exist. They are the most important aspect of any business and customers who feel that they are valued and receive excellent customer service are more likely to remain loyal and recommend others to join them.” 

Y Pellets supplies premium quality, EN Plus, biomass wood pellets to homes and businesses including SME’s, B2B/B2C companies and public sector organisations throughout the UK. To discuss your biomass energy requirements, please call 01405 840095 or e:

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