24 January 2018

Biomass Wood Pellets - Industry News...

Due to a European-wide shortage of wood fibre from which wood pellets are produced, the UK biomass fuel market is experiencing a much lower than average supply of wood pellets currently.

The UK Pellet Council has recently announced that customers throughout the UK may face restricted levels of supply from certain wood pellet suppliers when placing orders, especially if done at short notice.

However, Y Pellets is informing home and business customers that all deliveries are continuing to be met as usual but as an advisory measure, not to leave it too late and place orders further in advance.

Managing Director, Neil Holland, explained, "We are monitoring the European situation closely but Y Pellets is currently able to meet and supply all deliveries of bulk-blown wood pellets to customers. To echo the UK Pellet Council, we do advise customers to place their orders sooner rather than later and not risk low fuel stocks, especially given the recent weather conditions."

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