4 September 2018

Late Summer Checks Perfect For Winter Biomass Fuel Efficiency...

Y Pellets is advising customers and companies using biomass boiler systems to take advantage of the warm weather and look to further improve their energy efficiency over the winter months by carrying out periodic maintenance now.

Whilst many organisations and home delivery customers may be running on lower energy requirements due to the unusually hot UK climate, Y Pellets is directing clients on best pellet storage solutions and essential maintenance practices in order to save costs when their energy needs become higher.

Y Pellets works closely with independent installers located throughout the UK that specialise in servicing different biomass boiler types in order for its own wood pellet customers to receive the very best advice. Whilst Y Pellets doesn’t carry out the work, it can recommend local installers if customers require and recommends speaking to installers with specific knowledge of their boiler and the spares required, even when outside of warranty.

Last year, Y Pellets delivered thousands of tonnes of EN Plus standard, biomass wood pellets to UK customers, especially during the winter months. However, whilst it seems common sense to pre-plan, many customers often don’t think about their system’s running performance until they require optimum levels of use.  Others often leave it too late or simply don’t pre-plan at all.

Y Pellets Business Development Manager, Alistair Wright, explained, “The warm weather can be a distraction especially if customers’ don’t have full-time, 24/7 heating or energy requirements, and therefore they can put boiler system checks to the back of their mind. In terms of maintenance, we often hear comments from our pellet customers such as ‘its working fine’ and whilst that certainly may be the case now, over time, efficiency may have been reduced.

“Late summer is the perfect time to schedule a maintenance check as a 10% loss in efficiency could add 10p in the £1 spent on fuel which realistically could run into thousands spent (and wasted) over the lifespan of a boiler. Y Pellets works closely with partner installation companies in all parts of the UK who are specialist biomass installers and can provide regular maintenance servicing. This, in addition to specifying superior quality wood pellets like Y Pellets, will ensure improved energy efficiency.” 

Y Pellets also advises that using low quality, biomass fuel supplies can have a huge impact on a system’s maintenance as dust particles can easily block the feed system when the pellets are fed from the store into the boiler.  The cost of repairing damaged boilers due to this can be substantial. 

Alistair added, “Again, taking advantage of the warm weather when pellet stores may not be in regular use, is recommended. Regardless of where the store is located on a property or its size, pre-empting the winter season and thoroughly cleaning it now, is advised. Dust and fines from wood pellets can build up over time and significantly reduces how effectively the pellets burn which in turn reduces overall efficiency. In winter when systems are used constantly, this will increase overall energy costs.

“Biomass boilers require little maintenance if regularly serviced. Its just a case of thinking ahead. We can put our customers in touch with the right people now so that they get the most out of their winter biomass fuel.”

Y Pellets delivers premium quality, EN Plus, biomass wood pellets to homes and businesses including SME’s, B2B/B2C companies and public sector organisations throughout the UK. To discuss winter wood pellet requirements, please call 01405 840095, email: 

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