8 February 2023

Homeowners on Wood Pellets eligible for £200 Alternative Fuel Payment

Hopefully some good news for our domestic customers as the Government has recently confirmed that households across Great Britain eligible for the £200 Alternative Fuel Payment will start to receive this additional financial support from the beginning of February.

Around two million homeowners in Great Britain that do not use mains gas will benefit from the one-time payment helping to ease their winter heating costs. This includes households that heat their houses with oil, coal, LPG, and—more importantly—biomass.

The Government has said that the “vast majority” of alternative fuel customers who have an electricity account will not have to take any action to receive the one-off payment of £200 as it will be made automatically via their electricity supplier.

Energy Minister Graham Stuart MP, recently said that here will be a “small number of customers who are unable to receive the funding automatically” however, there will be a route for them to apply. Mr Stuart also confirmed that payments for households in Northern Ireland started at the beginning of January.

Whilst this is clearly good news for our domestic customers it would appear that the payments will only be made automatically to those households that both have an electricity supplier and are not on the mains gas grid.

We are not able to find any clear direction regarding those customers who choose to heat their homes using wood pellets even though they have access to mains gas but will keep you informed if there are any further announcements or developments.

The Y Pellets Team

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