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As well as spot prices for bulk delivery we can also provide multi-year fixed price wood pellet contracts linked to inflation to businesses such as care homes, hotels, agriculture, hospitals and schools.

These contracts allow our customers to plan and control their energy costs well in advance, with the reassurance that they won’t suffer the normal price shocks associated with fossil fuels.

All of our pellets comply with the sustainability requirements of the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI), so we can be found as a registered supplier on the official Biomass Suppliers’ List (BSL).

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Our wood pellets can be delivered directly to you in a variety of bulk formats using ENPlus compliant delivery trucks, to suit your requirements. We even provide you with a delivery time.

And, with our flexible ordering system, we can bill centrally or on a per site basis. We also offer a fixed priced contract to guarantee long-term price stability for our customers.

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Wood pellets FAQs

  • What area do you deliver to?

    We deliver across all regions in England, Scotland and Wales, if you have any other questions about delivery please contact a member of our Customer Care team on 01405 840095 who will be happy to advise.

  • Are all wood pellets the same?

    Virgin wood is ground, dried and then compressed through a pellet press reducing the moisture level to less than 10%. The low moisture content and density mean that wood pellets are high in calorific value.

  • Does the cost of pellets vary with quantity ordered?

    Yes. Our prices vary according to a number of factors, including quantity, location and delivery service required (e.g. specific vehicle requirements, urgency, early or late deliveries).

    To get a quote please fill in our quick and easy form or call one of our Y team on 01405 840095.

  • How much ash will be produced?

    Ash levels are extremely low, under 0.7% in fact. Your ash can even be used as a fertiliser in the garden.

  • How long can I store Y wood pellets?

    As long as your storage unit is kept free from moisture and other forms of contamination your Y wood pellets can be stored for an indefinite period. However, we recommend using pellets within 9 months of purchase.

  • What is ENplus?

    The ENplus quality certification is a major step towards establishing pellets as a widely used energy commodity.

    It offers the highest standard available in wood pellet fuel worldwide, and the only standard within the UK that ensures the pellet quality is managed throughout the entire supply chain.


Centrally Located

Located in Goole, we deliver premium wood pellets throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Onsite we've up to 5,000-tonnes of pellets in stock, our own screening facilities and loading -so we're self sufficient. We feel this makes better business sense, for our company and yours. Not only will you be enjoying competitive pricing, you'll be rest assured of continuity of supply.

No long waits. Just a professional, quick, local delivery service.

Start saving money on your energy bills

To find out more contact our Customer Care team on 01405 840095

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